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The GCCF is Closed – You Need An Attorney For The Deepwater Horizon Settlement

On March 2nd, 2012 BP finally agreed to disperse $7.8 Billion dollars to a court monitored program, the Deepwater Horizon Settlement, that will be in charge of paying BP claimants. This is Great News for BP oil spill claimants because the GCCF was not an efficient way of paying claimants because they were very slow and were known to reject viable claims. The new court monitored BP oil spill settlement program is more transparent and will result in faster payments.

You’ll need an attorney to file your BP case in court for the Deepwater Horizon Settlement. Call us today or fill out the form on the right.


The text below is no longer relevant since the GCCF has been shut down

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After 18 Months the GCCF Pays Out 5.5 billion In Claims

Of the 20 Billion dollars BP placed in the GCCF to pay individual and business claims only 5.5 or about 28% has been paid out. At that rate it would take the GCCF over five more years to deplete the fund.

The problem is the GCCF will not be around for that long. The program is currently scheduled to stop making payments by August 2013. That would mean either a large percentage of the fund would be left over, or payments will soon ramp up. Guess which one it is going to be?

Earlier this year Ken Feinberg, chief administrator of the GCCF, said he "would hope that half that money would be more than enough to pay all the claims," So according to Feinberg we are already past the half way point for payments.

Many people are upset about this. Rep. Steven Palazzo R-Miss said, "the $20 billion was supposed to be the floor [of the fund], not the ceiling."

We feel the people of the Gulf are getting short-changed by BP and the GCCF. Instead of vetting claims in a quick and efficient manner, claimants face several 90+ day waiting periods while only hearing terms like "your claim is under review" or "your claim is now at the central office." Shortly after that, they receive letters informing them their claim has been denied without any explanation what so ever.

If you are like the hundreds of thousands in the Gulf who have gotten fed up with the GCCF – I have good news for you. You can still get your full claim without having to deal with BP or the GCCF ever again. Call 1 (800) 310-2970 or contact us to find out how to move your BP Claim from pain to paid.

Delayed Impacts Make It Difficult for Businesses to File Their Claims with the GCCF

This is not a story that is talked about much, but we feel it is important for people to hear about it. There were many businesses, particularly restaurants and hotels along the beach that saw their biggest decline not right after the oil spill but a few months later.

The reason for this is BP paid a lot of people to clean up the surface of the beaches immediately after the oil spill. These workers used many of the services that were abandoned by tourists; though hotels still took a hit because they had to rent their rooms out at a rock bottom price in order to stay in business.

As you can imagine, things only got worse when those workers left and tourism failed to pick back up. This created a scenario where businesses that were simply limping along were now facing serious cash flow problems. This was what the GCCF's emergency payment fund was for. To make sure healthy businesses did not close before the tourism came back.

The GCCF emergency fund failed tens of thousands of individuals and business in the Gulf who either received a rejection letter after months of delays or received payments that were too little, too late.

To make matters worse, the GCCF has failed to recognize this "delayed dip" as being caused by the oil spill. If you or someone you know has seen their claim suffer because of this, they need to contact a BP claims lawyer right away. Our claims team can get you in touch with the right lawyers and accountants who can support your claim and push it though the GCCF, or simply bring it directly to BP. The GCCF is not interested in understanding and fully compensating you for your loss. The right law firm can change that. Call 1 (800) 310-2970 or contact us to start your process today.

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CEOs of Gulf Oil Spill Companies Decline to Testify Before House Committee

The CEO's of BP, Transocean, and Halliburton refused an invitation to testify before a United States house committee on Wednesday. The House Natural Resources Committee is reviewing a report by the Interior Department and the Coast Guard which put blame for the oil spill squarely on the shoulders of BP and their contractors.

House members expected the top executives to address the report and answer questions from the committee. Instead, BP issued a last minute letter to the committee explaining why BP CEO Robert Dudley would not be able to make it.

"BP remains committed to continue to cooperate with the committee, but, given that BP already has provided a witness who testified before the committee on Oct. 13, and in light of the constraints imposed by numerous pending legal proceedings, BP respectfully must decline the invitation to have Mr. Dudley testify on Nov. 2."

Rep. Edward Markey, ranking member of the committee, attacked BP for its stance. "It is unacceptable for the heads of these companies to evade testifying before Congress in order to avoid answering questions about the U.S. government's major report on the oil spill for which their companies share responsibility,"

He also added, "[We] on the Natural Resources Committee intend to hold these companies accountable, and plan to take action to compel these witnesses to appear before the committee."

It is no surprise why Mr. Dudley and other the CEO's refused to come. The report by the Interior Department is very bad for BP, and will likely be used against them when BP oil spill claimants get their day in court.

Among the things the report included.

  • It finds fault with BP's decision to use only one concrete barrier, and the location the company picked to set the casing in the oil well.
  • It focuses heavily on the concrete job on the well, noting that a "central cause" of the blowout, and the resulting oil spill, "was the failure of the concrete barrier in the high-strength steel pipe set in the well to ensure integrity and allow future production."
  • The report also notes that BP failed to relay associated risks to Transocean.

The Report also states that "increased vigilance and awareness by BP, Transocean, and Halliburton personnel at critical junctures during operations at the Macondo well would have reduced the likelihood of the blowout occurring."

In spite of all of this BP seems to think that not showing up to the oil spill committee is better than addressing the serious charges against them. BP seems to be in a fighting mood, but so are we. Things are only going to get harder for those trying to file and appeal their BP oil spill claims. It is time to turn to a team that has a track record of getting claimants their full compensation. The statute on oil spill claims is running out. If you are serious about receiving compensation from BP now is the time to fight back. Call 1 (800) 310-2970, or contact us to find out how the right team can make the most out of your claim.

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